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F - F Fahrenheit degrees.

F - F female.

F - F phenylalanine.

F & E - F & E flexion & extension.

F(hor) - F(hor) horizontal ground reaction force.

F-actin - F-actin filamentous actin.

F-BKP - F-BKP femoral-below-knee-popliteal bypasses.

f.b. - f.b. foreign body

F.H. - F.H. family history.

F/H - F/H family history.

F/I - F/I fever due to infection.

F/U - F/U follow-up.

F7 - F7 factor VII gene on chromosome 13q34-qter.

FA - FA failed appointment.

FA - FA Fanconi's anemia.

FA - FA fluorapatite.

FA - FA forearm.

FAA - FAA Federal Aviation Agency .

FAAN - FAAN Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria.

FAAP - FAAP F-actin image analysis program.

FAAP - FAAP Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

FAAP - FAAP free amino acid pool.

FAAP - FAAP functional activity of plasminogen activators in plasma.

FAAP - FAAP N-formylaminoantipyrine.

Faap(s) - Faap(s) fatty acid activation protein(s).

FAAU - FAAU functional activity of plasminogen activators in urine.

FAB - FAB French American and British classification scheme for leukemia.

FABERE - FABERE flexion abduction external rotation and extension.

FABP - FABP fatty acid binding protein.

FACC - FACC Fellow of the American College of Cardiology.

FACES-II - FACES-II Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scales Version II.

FACFAS - FACFAS Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

FACOG - FACOG Fellow Of The American College Of Obstetrics And Gynecology.

FACOI - FACOI Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Internists.

FACP - FACP Fellow of the American College Of Physicians.

FACS - FACS Fellow of the American College Of Surgeons.

FACS - FACS fluorescence-activated cell sorter.

FACU - FACU Federal Agricultural Coordinating Unit.

FAD - FAD flavin adenine dinucleotide.

FADIR - FADIR flexion adduction and internal rotation.

FADIRE - FADIRE flexion adduction internal rotation and extension.

FAI - FAI Foot and Ankle International (Journal).

FALT - FALT follicle-associated lymphoid tissue.

FAMS - FAMS functional assessment of multiple sclerosis.

FANA - FANA fluorescent antinuclear antibody test (see also ANA).

FAO - FAO United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization.

FAOP - FAOP Florida Association of Orthotists and Prosthetists.

FAP - FAP familial adenomatous polyposis.

FAQ - FAQ frequently asked questions.

FAS/ITP - FAS/ITP Foreign Agriculture Service/International Trade Policy.

FASIG - FASIG Foot and Ankle Special Interest Group.

FAWC - FAWC Farm Animal Welfare Concil (UK).

FB - FB Fb fingerbreadth.

FB - FB foreign body.

FBC - FBC full blood count.

FBD - FBD Familial British dementia.

FBD - FBD feather and beak disease (a bird disease).

FBD - FBD fibrin binding domain.

FBD - FBD fibrocystic breast disease

FBD - FBD Flow-BOLD (blood oxygenation level-dependent) -Dependence.

FBD - FBD food-borne diseases.

FBD - FBD forearm bone density.

FBD - FBD functional bowel disorder/distress.

FBD - FBD functional breathing disorder.

FBI - FBI Federal Bureau of Investigations.

FBP - FBP filtered back-projection.

FBS - FBS fasting blood sugar.

FBS - FBS Finnish Bone Society (EFFO Member Society).

FC - FC finger counting.

FCA - FCA fracture complete angulated.

FCAPM - FCAPM formal college approved postgraduate meeting.

FCC - FCC Federal Communications Commission.

FCC - FCC fracture complete comminuted; fracture compound

FCCC - FCCC fracture complete comminuted compound.

FCCP - FCCP Fellow of the American College Of Chest Physicians.

FCD - FCD fracture complete deviated.

FCE - FCE food conversion efficiency.

FCI - FCI flow cytometric immunophenotyping.

FCM - FCM flow cytometry.

FCMC - FCMC family-centered maternity care.

FCOVD - FCOVD Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

FCR - FCR flexor carpi radialis.

FCS - FCS fetal calf serum.

FCT - FCT Federal Capitol Territory.

FCU - FCU flexor carpi ulnaris.

FD - FD familial dysautonomia.

Fd-MIV - Fd-MIV Friend derived murine immunosuppressive virus.

FDA - FDA Food and Drug Administration (US).

FDA-BAM - FDA-BAM Food & Drug Administration-Bacteriological Analytical Manual.

FDC - FDC follicular dendritic cells.

FDI - FDI first dorsal interosseus (muscle of the hand).

FDIM - FDIM fluorescence digital imaging microscopy.

FDIO - FDIO first dorsal interosseous (muscle).

FDMA - FDMA first dorsal metacarpal artery.

FDP - FDP fibrin degradation products.

FDP - FDP flexor digitorum profundus.

FDP - FDP fructose-16-diphosphate.

FDS - FDS flexor digitorum superficialis.

FDV - FDV Four dimensional visualization.

Fe - Fe iron.

FEA - FEA focal epileptic activity.

FEB - FEB fever.

FECG - FECG fetal electrocardiogram.

FECS - FECS Federation of European Cancer Societies.

FEF - FEF forced expiratory flow.

FEKG - FEKG fetal electrocardiogram.

FEL - FEL familial erythrophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.

FeLV - FeLV feline leukemia virus.

FeNa - FeNa fractional excretion of sodium: (UNa x PCr/PNa x UCr) x 100; <1 in prerenal azotemia and 1 in intrinsic renal azotemia.

FEP - FEP free erythrocyte protoporphyrin.

FER - FER flexion extension rotation.

FERC - FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

FES - FES functional electric stimulation (Cleveland FES Center).

FES - FES functional electrical stimulation.

FES - FES functional endoscopic sinus.

FES-LCE - FES-LCE functional electrical stimulation (FES)-induced leg cycle ergometer (LCE).

FESSH - FESSH Federation of the European Societies for Surgery of the Hand.

FEV - FEV forced expiratory volume.

FEV1 - FEV1 forced expiratory volume in one second.

FF - FF forward flexion.

Ff - Ff free fraction.

FFA - FFA for further appointment.

FFD - FFD free from disability.

FFM - FFM Five-Factor Model of personality.

FFROM - FFROM full free range of motion.

FFS - FFS failure-free survival.

FFS - FFS fee-for-service.

FFS - FFS Five-Factors Score (a prognostic scoring systems).

FFT - FFT forward flexion: fingertips to toes.

FGF - FGF fibroblast growth factor.

FH - FH family history.

FH - FH follicular hyperplasia.

FHLH - FHLH familial histiocytic lymphohistiocytosis.

FHR - FHR fetal heart rate.

FHS - FHS fetal heart sounds.

FHT - FHT fetal heart tones.

Fib - Fib fibroblasts.

FID - FID flame ionization detectors (chromatography).

FIGO - FIGO International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (Federation Internationale de Gynecologie et d’Obstetrique).

FIMS - FIMS Federation Internationale de Medecine Sportive (International Federation of Sports Medicine).

FIN - FIN finasteride.

FINCEN - FINCEN Financial Center.

FiO2 - FiO2 fraction of inspired oxygen.

FISH - FISH fluorescence in situ hybridization.

FIT - FIT Fracture Intervention Trial.

FITC - FITC fluorescein isothiocyanate.

FIX - FIX fixed arm support.

FJRM - FJRM full joint range of motion.

FL - FL flank.

FL - FL flexion.

FL - FL fluid.

FL - FL follicular lymphoma.

FL - FL fully lactating.

FL-LC - FL-LC follicular lymphoma large cell.

FL-M - FL-M follicular lymphoma mixed small cleaved and large.

FL-SC - FL-SC follicular lymphoma small cleaved.

FLD - FLD frontal lobe dementia.

Flex - Flex flexion.

FLEX - FLEX flexion.

Fli1 - Fli1 Friend leukemia integration 1 gene.

FLX - FLX flexion

FMD - FMD family medical doctor.

FMD - FMD foot and mounth disease.

FMF - FMF Foreign Military Funding.

FMH - FMH fetal-maternal hemorrhage.

FMR-1 - FMR-1 fragile X mental retardation 1 gene.

FMRP - FMRP fragile X mental retardation protein(s).

FMS - FMS fibromyalgia syndrome.

FMSI - FMSI Federazione Medico Sportiva Italiana (Federation of Italian Sports Medicine) (ItalianMedSport).

FN - FN fibronectin.

FNA - FNA fine needle aspiration.

FNAB - FNAB fine-needle aspiration biopsy.

FNH - FNH focal nodular hyperplasia.

FNP - FNP family nurse practitioner

FO - FO fecal output.

FOBT - FOBT fecal occult blood testing.

FOC - FOC flight of colors test.

FOP - FOP fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva.

FORE - FORE Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education.

FOS - FOS Finnish Osteoporosis Society (EFFO Member Society).

FOS - FOS full of stool/constipated.

FOSA - FOSA Federation of Spine Associations (AAOS Specialty Societies).

FOSIT - FOSIT Fosamax International Trial.

FP - FP fluticasone propionate.

FPA - FPA fibrinopeptide A.

FPB - FPB fibrinopeptide B.

FPB - FPB flexor pollicis brevis.

FPD - FPD fibrin(ogen) degradation products.

FPIA - FPIA fluorescence polarization immunoassay.

FPL - FPL flexor pollicis longus.

FPL - FPL functional profile length.

FPM - FPM full passive movements.

FPMA - FPMA Florida Podiatric Medical Association.

FPT - FPT farnesyl protein transferase.

FR - FR fracture.

FR - FR frequency of respiration.

FR - FR full range.

FRBB - FRBB fracture of both bones.

FRC - FRC fibroblastic reticulum cells.

FRC - FRC functional residual capacity.

FRCP - FRCP Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.

FRCP(C) - FRCP(C) Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada.

FRCSI - FRCSI Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

FRJM - FRJM full range of joint movement.

FROM - FROM full range of motion full range of movement.

FS - FS frozen section.

FSB - FSB Formosan Society of Biomechanics.

FSC - FSC forward angle light scatter (flow cytometry term).

FSC - FSC fracture simple comminuted.

FSCAI - FSCAI Fellow of the Society for Cardiac Angiography and Interventions.

FSCC - FSCC fracture simple complete comminuted.

FSCCL - FSCCL follicular small cleaved cell lymphomas.

FSCPC - FSCPC fast-setting calcium phosphate cement.

FSD - FSD functional sensory deficit.

FSE - FSE fast-spin-echo.

FSGS - FSGS focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis.

FSH - FSH follicle stimulating hormone.

FSN - FSN Foreign Service National.

FSOs - FSOs family members and significant others.

FSS - FSS frozen shoulder syndrome.

ft - ft Foot feet (measure).

FT - FT low-molecular polypeptide factors of thymus.

FT-IR - FT-IR Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy.

FT4 - FT4 free thyroxin.

FT4I - FT4I free thyroxin (T4) index.

FTA-ABS - FTA-ABS fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test.

FTD - FTD frontotemporal dementia.

FTI - FTI farnesyl transferase inhibitor.

FTI - FTI free thyroxin index.

FTIR - FTIR Fourier Transform Infrared.

FTKA - FTKA failed to keep appointment.

FTND - FTND full term normal delivery.

FTNM - FTNM The French TNM Group.

FTR - FTR fast-twitch red (skeletal muscle).

FTSG - FTSG full thickness skin graft.

FTT - FTT failure to thrive.

FTW - FTW fast-twitch white (skeletal muscle).

FTW - FTW fat weight.

FTW - FTW first time wheezing.

FTY - FTY fat yield.

FU - FU follow-up.

FU(5-) - FU(5-) 5-fluorouracil (treatment regimen).

FUBAR - FUBAR Fowled Up Beyond All Recognition.

FUO - FUO fever of undetermined (or unknown) origin.

FVC - FVC forced vital capacity.

FVII - FVII factor VII.

FVIIa - FVIIa activated factor VII.

FVIIAg - FVIIAg factor VII antigen.

FVIIc - FVIIc factor VII coagulant activity.

FWB - FWB full weight bearing.

FX - FX Fx fracture.

FXBB - FXBB fracture of both bones.

FXS - FXS fragile X syndrome.

FY - FY fiscal year.

FYI - FYI for your information.

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