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G - G glycine.

g - g gm gram.

G - G gravida.

G - G guanine.

G - G histopathological grading.

G&O - G&O gas and oxygen.

G-1-P - G-1-P glucose-1-phosphate.

G-CSF - G-CSF granulocyte colony stimulating factor promotes production of white blood cells.

G-DAP - G-DAP Geriatric Draw-A-Person

G-M - G-M Geiger-Muller (counter).

g-m - g-m gram-meter.

g-mol - g-mol gram-molecule.

G-type - G-type gastric type.

G/M - G/M granulocyte/macrophage.

g/ml - g/ml grams per milliliter.

G/P - G/P gravida/para.

G3P - G3P G-3-P glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate.

G3P - G3P glycerol-3-phosphate.

G3PD - G3PD glucose-3-phosphate dehydrogenase.

G6P - G6P G-6-P glucose-6-phosphate.

G6Pase - G6Pase G-6-Pase glucose-6-phosphatase.

G6PD - G6PD G-6-PD glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.

GA - GA gastric analysis; general appearance.

GA - GA general anaesthetic/anesthesia.

GA - GA gestational age.

GA - GA granulocyte agglutination assay.

GA/BW - GA/BW 16 gestational age/birthweight categories.

GAA - GAA guanine-adenine-adenine codon for glutamic acid.

GAC - GAC guanine-adenine-cytosine codon for aspartic acid.

GAD - GAD generalized anxiety disorder.

GAF score - GAF score global assessment of functioning.

GAG - GAG guanine-adenine-guanine codon for glutamic acid.

Gal - Gal gallon.

GALOP (syndrome) - GALOP (syndrome) Gait disorder Autoantibody Late-age Onset

GAMC - GAMC General Assistance Medical Care.

GAP-43 - GAP-43 growth-associated protein-43.

gastroc - gastroc Gastrocnemius.

GAU - GAU guanine-adenine-uracil codon for aspartic acid.

GB - GB gallbladder.

GBD - GBD gallbladder disease.

GBEF - GBEF gallbladder ejection fraction.

GBM - GBM glomerular basement membrane.

GBS - GBS gallbladder series.

GBS - GBS Guillian-Barre syndrome.

GC - GC gas chromatography.

GC - GC general condition.

GC - GC germinal center.

GC - GC gonococcal; gonococcus.

GC/MS - GC/MS gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.

GCA - GCA giant cell arteritis.

GCA - GCA guanine-cytosine-adenine codon for alanine.

GCC - GCC guanine-cytosine-cytosine codon for alanine.

GCDFP-15 - GCDFP-15 gross cystic disease fluid protein 15.

GCG - GCG guanine-cytosine-guanine codon for alanine.

GCNST - GCNST granular cell nerve sheath tumor.

GCP - GCP Good Clinical Practice (guidelines).

GCRP - GCRP good clinical research practice.

GCS - GCS Glasgow Coma Scale.

GCT - GCT germ cell tumor.

GCU - GCU guanine-cytosine-uracil codon for alanine.

GD - GD gastroparesis diabeticorum.

GDM - GDM gestational diabetes mellitus.

GDP - GDP Gross Domestic Product.

GE - GE gastroenteritis.

GE - GE gastroesophageal.

GE - GE gradient echo (MRI).

Ged - Ged end-diastolic conductances.

GED - GED gas electron diffraction.

GED - GED gastric emptying duration.

GED - GED gastric epithelial dysplasia.

GED - GED general emergency department.

GED - GED general equivalency diploma.

GED - GED generalised exfoliative dermatitis.

GED - GED generalized epileptiform discharges.

GED - GED Gln-enriched diet.

GED - GED glutamic acid diethyl ester.

GED - GED Graves' eye disease.

GED - GED GTPase effector domain.

GED - GED guanidinoethyldisulphide.

Ged - Ged left ventricle centers of gravity at end-diastole.

GED-ELISA - GED-ELISA gel electrophoresis-derived enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

GEDs - GEDs Glycosphingolipid-enriched domains.

GERD - GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Ges - Ges end-systolic conductances.

GFAP - GFAP glial fibrillary acidic protein.

GFP - GFP green fluorescent protein.

GFR - GFR glomerular filtration rate.

GFW - GFW Guizhi-Fuling-Wan (prescription of Traditional Chinese Medicine for liver disease).

GG - GG gamma globulin.

GGA - GGA guanine-guanine-adenine codon for glycine.

GGC - GGC guanine-guanine-cytosine codon for glycine.

GGF - GGF glial growth factor.

GGF - GGF grifolafrondosa.

GGG - GGG guanine-guanine-guanine codon for glycine.

GGT - GGT gamma-glutamyltransferase.

GGT - GGT gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase.

GGU - GGU guanine-guanine-uracil codon for glycine.

GH - GH general health.

GH - GH growth hormone (somatotropin).

GHBP - GHBP growth hormone binding protein. comminuted.

GHD - GHD growth hormone deficiency.

GHRF - GHRF growth hormone releasing factor.

GHSG - GHSG German Hodgkin Lymphoma Study Group.

GHT - GHT geniculo-hypothalamic tract.

GHT - GHT growth hormone therapy.

GI - GI [gaster (Greek)] gastrointestinal.

GI - GI gonion.

GIC - GIC glass ionomer cement.

GICD - GICD Groupe Internationale Cotrel Dubousset.

GIF - GIF granulocyte immunofluorescence assay.

GIH - GIH gastrointestinal hormone.

GIN - GIN glucose/nitrogen ratio.

GINS - GINS glucose in normal saline (solution).

GIP - GIP gastric inhibitory peptide.

GIP - GIP giant cell interstitial pneumonia.

GIP - GIP glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide.

GIP - GIP gonorrheal invasive peritonitis.

GIS - GIS Global Information System.

GLC - GLC gas-liquid chromatography.

Gln - Gln glutamine.

GLP - GLP good laboratory practice.

Glu - Glu glucose.

Glu - Glu glutamic acid.

GLU - GLU glutamic acid.

gluc - gluc glucose.

GLUC - GLUC glucosidase.

GLUD - GLUD glutamate dehydrogenase.

GLUDP - GLUDP glutamate dehydrogenase pseudogene.

GLUL - GLUL glutamate (ammonia) ligase.

GLUR - GLUR glutamate receptor.

GLUT - GLUT glucose transporter.

GLV - GLV gibbon ape leukemia virus.

GLV - GLV Gross leukemia virus.

GLVR - GLVR gibbon ape leukemia virus receptor.

GLY - GLY gly glycine.

Gly - Gly glycine

glyc - glyc glyceride.

Gm - Gm an allotype marker on the heavy chains of immunoglobins.

gm - gm cal gram calorie.

GM - GM gastric mucosa.

GM - GM Geiger-Muller (counter).

GM - GM general medicine.

GM - GM genetic manipulation.

GM - GM geometric mean.

GM - GM giant melanosome.

gm - gm GM gram.

GM - GM gram.

gm - gm gram.

GM - GM grand mal (epilepsy).

GM - GM grand multiparity.

GM - GM grandmother.

GM - GM granulocyte-macrophage.

GM - GM gray matter.

GM - GM gross motor.

GM - GM growth medium.

GM&S - GM&S general medicine and surgery.

GM+ - GM+ gram-positive.

GM- - GM- gram-negative.

GM-CFU - GM-CFU granulocyte~macrophage colony forming unit.

GM-CSF - GM-CSF granulocyte and macrophage colony stimulating factor.

gm-m - gm-m gram-meter.

gm. neg. - gm. neg. gram negative.

gm/cc - gm/cc grams per cubic centimeter.

gm/l - gm/l grams per liter.

GMA - GMA glyceral methacrylate.

GMA - GMA gross motor activity.

GMB - GMB gastric mucosal barrier.

GMB - GMB granulomembranous body.

GMBF - GMBF gastric mucosa blood flow.

GMC - GMC general medical clinic.

GMC - GMC general medical council.

GMC - GMC giant migratory contraction.

GMC - GMC grivet monkey cell.

GMCD - GMCD grand mal convulsive disorder.

GMD - GMD geometric mean diameter.

GMD - GMD glycopeptide moiety modified derivative.

GME - GME graduate medical education.

GMENAC - GMENAC Graduate Medical Education National Advisory Committee.

GMH - GMH germinal matrix hemorrhage.

GMK - GMK green monkey kidney (cells).

GML - GML gut mucosa lymphocyte.

GMN - GMN gradient moment nulling.

GMP - GMP glucose monophosphate.

GMP - GMP good manufacturing practice.

GMP - GMP granule membrane protein.

GMP - GMP guanosine monophosphate.

GMPR - GMPR guanine monophosphate reductase.

GMPs - GMPs GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylases.

GMR - GMR gallops murmurs rubs.

GMR - GMR gradient motion rephasing.

GMRH - GMRH germinal matrix related hemorrhage.

GMRI - GMRI gated magnetic resonance imaging.

GMS - GMS General Medical Service.

GMS - GMS geriatric mental state.

GMS - GMS Gilbert-Meulengracht syndrome.

GMS - GMS glyceryl monostearate.

GMS - GMS Gomori methenamine silver stain.

GMS - GMS goniodysgenesis-menta1 retardation-short stature (syndrome).

GMSC - GMSC General Medical Services Committee.

GMT - GMT geometric mean titer.

GMT - GMT gingival margin trimmer.

GMV - GMV gram molecular volume.

GMW - GMW gram molecular weight.

GN - GN gaze nystagmus.

GN - GN glomerulonephritis.

GN - GN glucose nitrogen (ratio).

Gn - Gn gnathion.

GN - GN gnotobiote.

Gn - Gn gonadotropin.

GN - GN graduate nurse.

GN - GN gram-negative.

GN - GN guanine nucleotide.

GNA - GNA general nursing assistance.

GNAT - GNAT guanine nucleotide-binding protein alpha-transducing.

GNAZ - GNAZ guanosine nucleotide-binding alpha Z polypeptide.

GNB - GNB ganglioneuroblastoma.

GNB - GNB gram-negative bacillus.

GNB - GNB guanine nucleotide-binding (protein).

GNBM - GNBM gram-negative bacillary meningitis.

GNBT - GNBT guanine nucleotide-binding protein beta transducing.

GNC - GNC general nursing care.

GNC - GNC General Nursing Council.

GNC - GNC geriatric nurse clinician.

GND - GND Gram-negative diplococci.

GNID - GNID gram-negative intracellular diplococci.

GNP - GNP geriatric nurse practitioner.

GNP - GNP gerontologic nurse practitioner.

GNP - GNP Gross National Product .

GNR - GNR gram-negative rods.

GnRF - GnRF gonadotropin-releasing factor.

GnRH - GnRH gonadotropin-releasing hormone.

GnRHR - GnRHR gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor.

GNTP - GNTP Graduate Nurse Transition Program.

GO - GO gastro-(o)esophageal.

GO - GO geroderma osteodysplastica.

GO - GO glucose oxidase.

Go - Go gonion.

GO - GO gonorrhea.

GOA - GOA generalized osteoarthritis.

GOAT - GOAT Galveston Orientation and Amnesia Test.

GOBAB - GOBAB gamma-hydroxy-beta-aminobutyric acid.

GOE - GOE gas oxygen and ether.

GOG - GOG Gynecologic Oncology Group.

GOH - GOH gemderma osteodysplastica hereditaria.

GOK - GOK God only knows (the diagnosis).

GOMER - GOMER Get Out of My Examination Room.

GOMER - GOMER Grand Old Man of the Emergency Room.

GON - GON gonococcal ophthalmia neonatorum.

GON - GON Government of Nigeria.

GOND - GOND glaucomatous optic nerve damage.

GOQ - GOQ glucose oxidation quotient.

GOR - GOR gastroesophageal reflux.

GOR - GOR general operating room.

GOS - GOS Glasgow outcome score.

GOT - GOT aspartate aminotransferase.

GOT - GOT glucose oxidase test.

GOT - GOT glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase.

GOT - GOT goal of treatment.

GOTM - GOTM glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase mitochondrial.

GOX - GOX glyphosate oxydoreductase.

GP - GP gangliocytic paraganglioma.

GP - GP gastric pneumatosis.

GP - GP gastroplasty.

gp - gp gene product.

GP - GP general paralysis general paresis.

GP - GP general physic.

GP - GP general practice general practitioner.

GP - GP genetic prediabetes.

GP - GP geometric progression.

GP - GP globus pallidus.

GP - GP glucose phosphate.

GP - GP glutathione peroxidase.

GP - GP glycerophosphate.

GP - GP glycogen phosphorylase.

GP - GP glycopeptide.

GP - GP glycophorin.

GP - GP glycoprotein.

GP - GP Goodpasture syndrome.

GP - GP gram positive.

GP - GP gross product.

GP - GP group.

GP - GP guinea pig.

GP - GP gutta percha.

Gp - Gp parallel conductance.

gp46 - gp46 viral protein specific to HIV virus.

GPA - GPA Goodpasture antigen.

GPA - GPA grade point average.

GPA - GPA Group Practice Association.

GPA - GPA growth-promoting activity.

GPA - GPA guinea pig albumin.

Gpa - Gpa the phosphorylated high-activity form of glycogen phosphorylase (GP).

GPA(?-) - GPA(?-) alpha-D-glucose pentaacetate.

GPA(3-) - GPA(3-) 3-guanidinopropionic acid.

GPAIS - GPAIS guinea pig anti-insulin serum.

GPB - GPB glossopharyngeal breathing.

GPB - GPB glycophorin B.

GPb - GPb the dephosphorylated low-activity form of glycogen phosphorylase (GP).

GPC - GPC gastric parietal cell.

GPC - GPC gel permeation chromatography.

GPC - GPC giant papillary conjunctivitis.

GPC - GPC glycophorin C.

GPC - GPC granular progenitor cell.

GPC - GPC guinea pig complement.

GPCI - GPCI geographic practice cost index.

GPD - GPD glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.

GPD - GPD glycerol-phosphate dehydrogenase.

GPI - GPI glycophosphatidilinositol (anchor surface protein deficient in PNH).

GPI - GPI glycosylphosphatidylinositol.

GPOH - GPOH Gesellschaft fur Padiatrische Onkologie und Hamatologie (German Paed. Onc Group).

GPP - GPP good pharmacy practices.

GPR - GPR good partial remission.

GPT - GPT glutamic pyruvic transaminase. Polyneuropathy.

GPx - GPx glucathione peroxydase.

GR - GR gastric resection; great greater; gross grossly; group.

GR - GR glutathione reductase.

gr - gr grain.

Gra - Gra granulocytes.

GRAIL - GRAIL Gene Recognition and Analysis Internet Link.

GRAV - GRAV Grav. gravida a pregnant woman.

GRE - GRE gradient echo.

GRH - GRH growth hormone-releasing hormone (somatocrinin).

GRID - GRID gay-related immunodeficiency.

GRM - GRM gallop rub murmur.

GS - GS glycogen synthase.

GSC - GSC gas-solid chromatography.

GSH - GSH reduced glutathione.

GSM - GSM grams per square meter.

GSS - GSS Gerstmann-Str?ussler syndrome.

GSS - GSS glucose-saline solution.

GSS - GSS Gruppo di Studio della Scoliosi e delle Patologie Vertebrali.

GSSG - GSSG oxidized glutathione.

GST-P - GST-P glutathione S-transferase P form.

GSW - GSW gun shot wound.

GT - GT gait training.

gt - gt gtt drop drops.

GTD - GTD gestational trophoblastic disease.

GTT - GTT glucose tolerance test.

Gtts - Gtts drops per minute.

GU - GU (genitalis) genitourinary.

GU - GU gastric ulcer.

GUA - GUA guanine-uracil-adenine codon for valine.

GUC - GUC guanine-uracil-cytosine codon for valine.

GUG - GUG guanine-uracil-guanine codon for valine.

Guppying - Guppying the complete exterior and interior alteration that most World War II boats experienced after the war.

GUU - GUU guanine-uracil-uracil codon for valine.

GvHD - GvHD graft versus host disease.

GVHR - GVHR graft vs. host reaction.

GW - GW gigaohm (one billion ohms).

GXT - GXT graded exercise test.

Gy - Gy grays (units of radiation).

GYN - GYN gyn gynecology.

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