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The Controversy on Outsourcing to Dev Countries - 3/25/2010
Justin Butcher
The role that medical transcription plays in the healthcare process is often an overlooked and rarely debated topic. It involves receiving a medical dictation by tape, or digital voice file from a healthcare professional and using ear phones, a foot pedal for start-stop control and a word processing program to produce medical documents. ...

What is medical transcription? - 3/17/2010
What is medical transcription? ...

The Tablet PC in Healthcare – an Ergonomic Solution - 2/4/2007
Paul Rhodes, DDS, MSD
Article on using a tablet pc to improve patient care. ...

Experience - How? - 3/22/2006
Brenda Robinson
The plight of the newbie Medical Transcriptionist. Many companies say you need experience, but how do you get it? ...

Health Insurance - 2/6/2006

Critics of private health insurance state that those who are sick should be able to get health insurance because they need it the most and that if everyone had health insurance, adverse selection would not be a problem. ...

Vicious Cycle for the Uninsured - 2/6/2006
Lalit Goel
The result of this detrimental cycle is that it creates higher insurance premiums and fees. The increase in premiums becomes unaffordable by small employers especially, causing them to discontinue offering healthcare benefits to employees. The end result - increases in the uninsured working population. ...

Cancer Drug List - 12/28/2005
Following is a list of cancer drugs. ...

All Surgery, Procedures and Tests At A glance - 12/28/2005
Following is the list of all surgery, procedures and tests at a glance ...

List of Some Common Orthopedic Tests - 12/27/2005
Following is a list of some common orthopedic tests ...

This is a humorous article geared for medical transcriptionists. It quotes things like "You Might Be A Redneck" by Jeff Foxworthy. Most medical transcriptionists can identify with most of the items on the list. ...

Medical Outsourcing - 10/17/2005
Lalit Goel
For many in the U.S.A it is not only a question of cutting costs but to choose between staying alive or live mediocre life and die in suffering. In 2005, U.S.A healthcare expenditure accounted 16% of national GDP eclipsing $1.7 trillion, highest than any other developed nation, yet there were 46 million uninsured Americans. ...

Transcription Errors. Bloopers and Blunders - 8/26/2005

A few examples 1. The baby was delivered, the cord clamped and cut and handed to the pediatrician, who breathed and cried immediately – Missed out the “the baby” 2. Exam of genitalia reveals that he is circus sized – Circumcised is the correct word. 3. The skin was moist and dry. ...

Stress busters at work - 8/26/2005

Though finding time at work especially during transcription is next to impossible but a few minutes can do the trick. Try these steps at your work place to find how dramatically it increases your productivity, concentration and enjoyment. ...

Letter Sample 1 - 8/26/2005

Letter Sample 1 ...

Report 2 - 8/25/2005

Report 2 ...

Medical Record Templates - 8/25/2005

A medical record template constitutes one of the most important aspects in medical record transcribing. Usually, such templates are provided by the hospital or clinician as per their requirements. ...

Sample Report: Consultation - 8/25/2005


Sample proof reader resume - 8/25/2005
Sample resume for a proof reader in the field of medical transcription. ...

Sample Medical Transcriptionist Resume - 8/25/2005
A sample resume for a medical transcriptionist. Take tips from it and design your resume to suit your needs and your prospective employer. ...

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