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Miracle TechnoCraft Pvt. Ltd.
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Miracle TechnoCraft Pvt. Ltd.
Santosh Adhikari

Biratnagar-3, Munal Path, Opp. Birat Nursing Home

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We are Medical Transcription Production Unit having our head office in Biratnagar, Nepal. We are streamlined, well trained, and professionally well knit as an organization to be able to deliver on our commitments through efficient planning and budgeting. We closely monitor our production system and it is our constant endeavor to increase our quality and quantity benchmark by incorporating improvements assessed through cross-functional sources. We too are able to increase our production capacity, if needed be, by maximizing our current resources and by inducting more staff into the organization based on the systems roadmap designed, implemented, and perfected by us.

We offer a turnaround of 24 hours, and a STAT turnaround of 6-8 hours. Our quality control staff ensures accuracy and monitors turnaround time.

At Miracle TechnoCraft, we are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our clients and require quality control of 98.5%. We provide three levels of Quality Control and employ the latest technologies to handle high volume production Our management staffs were all trained in BPO projects with handling and managing of various Data Conversion Projects and the Medical Transcription business procedures. 

At the transcriptionist's level, we recruit candidates who are conversant with medical terminologies, have a good typing speed and style, have sound understanding of the English language, do not have any physical impediments hampering performance, and have positive work ethics. We employ people who are capable of delivering an output of at least 98.5% accuracy for these positions. Generally, we find that a candidate with quality experience of a minimum of 2+ years and above on the job, meets these accuracy demands. A detailed personal interview exploring the above parameters, coupled with an exhaustive on-the-job test reveals the worth of the candidate and the ones meeting our norms are absorbed. The absorbed candidates are given an amicable and professional work atmosphere where learning and improvement is constantly encouraged and excellence is rewarded. A judicious mix of accuracy and volume derives rewards, so that an optimum breakeven will be achieved. We promote internal growth and any expansion will be handled by a deserving candidate who will be promoted internally. We have built an internally competitive structure where candidates are able to benchmark themselves against their colleagues and work on improving themselves. Regular appraisals ensure that the factors contributing to the quality benchmark are optimized and that internally we keep growing stronger as an entity while constantly trying to multiply our capabilities.

Our MTs are well-trained by Governmental Training Institution, under the entrepreneurship and supervision of Unlimited Nu Media. Also our staffs have 2 years experience in this field. Our quality control and medical transcription staff were all trained. Each person is well versed and fluent in documented as well as spoken English. All our MTs have a minimum experience of 2+ years in the field of transcription. Presently, we are grouped in with 15 MTs. All our MTs have a minimal accuracy level of 98%. Miracle TechnoCraft does not entertain MTs below the required level of accuracy.

Our Editors have vast experience in the field of Medical Transcription. Backed with experience of 3-4 years each, they are excellent at producing 100% production. They understand the need for quality and the importance of your turnaround time. Presently, we have 5 editors working with Miracle TechnoCraft.

At Miracle TechnoCraft, we are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our clients and ensure accuracy levels of 100% at our level. We provide Quality Checks at an MT, Sub-Editor and Editor level and employ systems that handle high volume production. These are professionals who, as mentioned, have sufficient background in the Quality Control field and are evaluated as per our target requirements. We also ensure timely return of your documents. Our primary focus is the quality of our services.

We believe in quality to keep our clients satisfied. We believe we are capable of handling 5000 to 6000 lines per day. Currently, we produce around 5000 lines per day.
Having your transcription produced in Nepal allows you to receive your production in a more timely fashion than you would in dealing with American services, as India's time zone is approximately 12 hours ahead of the US. Our Quality Control staff assures your work is supplied to you within a 24-hour time frame.

At Miracle TechnoCraft, to meet the high standards in the industry, we use the latest equipment and instruments in order to increase the productivity without hampering the quality of the output.

Miracle TechnoCraft bills at a rate that is substantially less than transcription firms in the US. All transcription is produced under contract, and Miracle TechnoCraft bills on a monthly basis.
Miracle TechnoCraft is always happy to produce STAT transcription. Our Quality Control Team ensures that you will receive the completed documents well within the time specified by you without any compromise in the quality of the output. STAT work is billed at priority rates.


Miracle TechnoCraft Medical Transcription

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