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Anscribe, Inc.
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Anscribe, Inc.
Raymond Welgosh

23 B Taal Avenue
Naga City Philippines 4400
63 054 4736909

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Alt. Phone: 63 054 8116909



Anscribe Incorporated is a medical transcription company based in the Philippines. A country that slowly etch its name to the upper echelon of medical transcription industry.


A team of dynamic professionals run our company with client satisfaction and service efficiency to its utmost level as its primary concern.


Skilled, solid and competent workforce is our pride! Our Medical Transcriptionists are composed of Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists. They are very proficient in the American English Language, highly productive, accurate and very well versed in medical terminologies and procedures due to their immense medical background. Likewise, they are experienced in providing medical transcription services to Physicians based in the United States.


We treat our clients as our partner! Their preference is our preference. Our service provides you with the flexibility you needs.


We uphold a high sense of integrity assuring you that information to be shared between us will be kept secured. Aside from HIPAA compliance, we maintain security of Individually Identifiable Health Information (IIHI) and Protected Health Information (PHI) through implementation of our confidentiality policy to all our staff, legal agreements executed between our clients and our tough internal computer securities that none except our IT Heads are authorized to utilize.






*      We take pride of our pool of MTs who consistently maintain their transcription speed.

*      We are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure system

*      We have the latest hi-speed data communication network to assure our clients of fast and uninterrupted on line service.

*      24/7 Support system

*      We commit to deliver our service less than the 12- 18 hours turn around time.

*      AnScribe has standby power back up system to eliminate operation and communication interims in the event of city power outages.




*      100% Compliance to HIPAA

*      We provide Business Agreements to our Associates promoting compliance to the security laws.

*      We guarantee security in our Statement of Confidentiality.

*      We installed double security devices to prevent data loss or unauthorized use of information stored in the system.

*      All protected files are encrypted to prevent viewing, deleting or copying.

*      We strictly enforce security procedures to guaranty patient’s record and data confidentiality.

*      We perform technical evaluation on a periodic basis to assure systems compliance to security requirements.

*      All works are done at our secured workstation and no third party is involved.

*      All Employees involved in the operation are required to sign Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

*      We impose Disciplinary Policy to confidential employees to avoid leak of information.

*      Our employees’ manual specified the security policies to be observed by the Mts, Editors and other company staff involved in the operations.

*      All systems are firewall and password protected and can only be accessed by the Administrator and second person in charge. 

*      MTs are consistently evaluated and are trained to facilitate security issues at all time.

*      We provide an application and Database security

*      As much as possible we commit to have long term contract with our clients





*      We maintain three (3) levels of Quality Assurance that includes Editing, Proofreading by the detailed Physicians.

*      We provide our MTs with current resources and references to meet  the  industry specific standard

*      Error free is the company’s first and foremost policy

*      We provide an adequate and appropriate working environment

*      We provide a mechanism for feedback to our MTs/editors/proofreaders.




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Anscribe, Inc. Medical Transcription

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