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OfficeScribe Global Outsource Solutions, Inc.
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OfficeScribe Global Outsource Solutions, Inc.
Michael Abonitalla

Cagayan de Oro City

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Officescribe empowers our clients with medical transcription and other business process outsourcing services that enhance your organization’s performance and profitability. Cost effective and customized solutions allow you to focus on core tasks and reduce operating costs with the assurance of quality outsourcing by delivering reliable, cost-effective and secure medical transcription services. Officescribe takes pride in its team of highly skilled and dynamic individuals selected from top universities in the Philippines. We provide in-house training and promote best practices. Individuals are encouraged to be proactive in maintaining excellent standards of performance.

Our location
OfficeScribe Transcription office is located in Cagayan de Oro City, a highly urbanized city in the southern part of the Republic of the Philippines.

Our operation in the Philippines enables us to tap the following: a 94% literacy rate, American-based education system, a highly skilled, low-cost English-speaking workforce, a large pool of information technology professionals and medical personnel, a cost-competitive telecommunications infrastructure.

With English as the second language, the Philippines have particularly proven to be a top choice in the pioneering Medical Transcription market. A proliferation of good medical and nursing schools and institutions around the country has made the local medical industry a virtual goldmine of talent. The country, after all, is considered to be the number one “exporter” of highly skilled nurses to the U.S. And nurses, along with other medical professionals, already possess the basic qualifications for alternative, or supplementary careers as Medical Transcriptionists.

The Officescribe backbone is our people and managing that key resource is a human resources department that works closely with management and clients to continually train and develop our teams. What differentiates Officescribe from other outsource providers is not only our technology, but also our dedication to our people, who in turn pass on that dedication to clients.

Officescribe provides a dedicated, quality, HIPAA-Compliant Medical Transcription Service to the healthcare industry. Our targets are hospitals, clinics and independent doctors for their needs of maintaining healthcare records.

We offer quality transcription services with special emphasis on the following:


Accuracy and attention to every detail are the most important factors in determining to whom you will entrust your medical transcription work. Variation in speech patterns, various English accents and dialects, as well as continous development in the lexicon of medicine and technology requires the specialized expertise we ensure that completed reports will be professionally edited, adhere to the proper format, sentence structure, grammar and spelling with all required data fields completed, accurately reflect the meaning intended by the dictating physicians; and confirm to the AAMT Book of Style, unless otherwise specified.

Turn-Around Time

A combination of our technology and a committed team of highly dynamic individuals works on your account to ensure that all reports are delivered within the specified time for each type of report.


We adhere to the highest confidentiality standards by using encryption technology, multi-level security access and confidentiality contracts with our personnel.


Our team can transcribe a wide range of expertise in: Orthopedics, Dermatology, Cardiology, Family Medicine, Plastic Surgery, General/Vascular Surgery, Neurosurgery/Neurology, Radiation-Oncology, etc. The type of reports we handle includes, Operative Reports, Discharge Summary, History & Physical, Follow-up notes, Chart Note, Consultation Letter, Office Note, Radiology Report, SOAP Note, etc.


We work on our client satisfaction and understanding each individual needs. Maintaining consistency by our highly skilled and experienced transcriptionists.


We provide Quality Services and reduce costs compared to in-house staff. Scarce resources can be better utilized in providing healthcare services.

Additional BPO Services
Clients that partner with us can also access our other medical process outsourcing solutions such as medical billing, call center and data processing.

Cagayan de Oro City Medical Transcription Service

Main Page  About Us  Services  Benefits Of Service  How It Works

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