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Trimax is a solution providing company in computer hardware, Software & Networking services last 12 years. Last five years we are giving solutions to Almost all Medical Transcription companies in Mumbai for production & training. We are The first company to innovate 5 switch foot pedals in world.

The scope and future of MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION in India:

Extremely good!
MT is the fastest growing business & career in India today. As per estimation, the number of jobs is poised to jump from 2500 to 1,70,000 in next 10 years. (Source: Business World 7-21 Jan ’99) More and more US healthier companies are looking at India as a future destination for remote processing.

Advantage India:

The Turnaround-Time
The turnaround time is the time, which starts, as soon as we receive the job from USA, and ends at delivery of the completed job. This is divided into four categories by the USA standard, as follows; 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours. The jobs are divided into these categories, as per the priority of the report. Once the job is accepted from the principals in the USA, we have to strictly adhere to these criteria.

Trimax as a Solution Provider:

Since 1998 we had supplied more then 600-computer systems, including servers & other networking components & solutions to almost all-Medical Transcription Company. We also supported the followings:

The accessories like foot-pedals, headphones etc.
Provided solution in software i.e. different types of sound players, playing different sound file formats, FTP sites automatic connectivity for download & uploads, & automatic tracking of files from MT's to QA1, QA2. We also gave solution for billing to customers as per specifications of the client.
Rental of FTP space & dictation server in us with 800 nos. facility. In this process we came to know about the requirements of the industry & did necessary research and development to provide complete solution to MT Industry on turnkey basis. Today we have a team of 25 dedicated, experienced engineers.
We have achieved a breakthrough in this industry with the development of a foot-pedal having 5 controls on the foot pedal. We are serving 20 companies who are already into production for many months and satisfied with our services.
This is a state of the art foot-pedal developed with a view to increase productivity and perfection of a MT company. The software, which comes with the foot-pedal is different from the conventional one and has been developed keeping the needs, of a MT, in mind. We believe that a MT is paid for each keystroke that he/she makes. Then why should we ask them to make unproductive keystrokes or mouse-clicks?


Why Trimax is no 1 system integrator in MT industry ?

1. The Turnaround-Time in MT

The turnaround time is the time, which starts, as soon as the dictation is complete in USA and ends at delivery of the completed job to USA. Normal MT delivery time is between 4 to 12 hours, which is very unique to this industry. Trimax has been able to understand this unique requirement & is fully geared for providing reliable solutions & fast response in case of problems.

2. FootPedal

We have developed unique five switch foot pedal for MT industry. The product has been run away success in Mumbai & Pune (Footpedals).

We are providing complete solutions for covering entire business cycle of MT industry covering Setting up of MT unit, training & production.


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