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Techno Noble Infoway Ltd.
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Techno Noble Infoway Ltd.
Vikas Goyal

S.C.O 145, Sector: 17-C
Chandigarh UT

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We are a reputed North Indian company in the field of IT-enabled services specializing in Medical Transcription. We have been successfully catering to our business clients based in the USA for the past five years. Infrastructure: Techno Noble Infoway Limited (TNIL) is located in the heart of Chandigarh, (UT) covering an area of more than 1200 sq.ft, which is divided into specialized areas, viz., a server room, a production hall, a training hall, a café, front office, General Manager’s office, and Directors’ office. Our production hall is centrally air-conditioned with 30 workstations, each one of which is loaded with the latest software like medical dictionaries, and has a dedicated connection to the Internet. Server Computers and Workstations (Nodes): We have 2 Compaq Servers, each one having: 1. Pentium III 1 GHz processor 2. 256 MB RAM 3. 2 x 20 GB SCSI hard disks 4. Dedicated 64 Kbps leased line connection 5. Windows 2000 Server OS 6. Virtual Private Network (VPN) facility There are 30 workstations connected to the servers; each workstation has the following configuration: 1. Pentium III processor 2. 128 MB RAM 3. Dedicated Internet connection 4. Windows 98 OS 5. Microsoft Office Suite Work Capacity: With the above-mentioned norms, we have a capacity to produce from 10,000 lines per day. Presently we are outputting more than 8000 lines per day, conforming to the desired quality rate, which is more than 98.5 % (in accordance with the client’s satisfaction). Experienced Staff: All of our MTs/QAs have a considerable experience in their respective fields, ranging from 2-3 years. Our MTs have the ability to produce 500-600 lines per day, with an accuracy level of around 92-95%. Our QAs have received extensive training from US based faculty, and have an experience of more than 3 years, claiming an accuracy level between 95-99%. The Supervisors and Proofreaders have an experience of more than 4 years. Being the masters in their field of specialty, they have the caliber to handle all kinds of reports with the maximum accuracy required. Going through all these hierarchy levels of quality checking, we intend to give the maximum level of accuracy, which is 99%. Specialties: We offer our services in the following categories: Plastic Surgery Pulmonary Diseases Hematology/Oncology Internal Medicine Gastroenterology Infectious Diseases Otolaryngology Hospital Medical Records Rheumatology Laboratory Reports Urology Consultation Reports Pathology Radiology Reports Neurosurgery Discharge Summary Psychiatry Operative Reports Orthopedics Letters General/Thoracic/Gastrointestinal Surgery SOAP notes File Players: We have the software for the following audio players: DVI, Wavpedal, Quickscribe, Sony Digital Voice Player and Editor, DSS Olympus. We have the capability to work on any client end software e.g., Vianeta, EMDAT, Crescendo, etc. File Transfer Method: We offer our clients a choice of various methods for transferring their files. They may use an FTP software that offers encryption capability, set up a network drive on their local machine, login through a web browser, or upload their files as attachments via e-mail. We comply with HIPAA guidelines by using a 128-bit SSL encrypted connection. Security and Confidentiality: We understand the need for security and confidentiality, especially when it comes to the transfer of medical data and records; as such, we fully comply with the guidelines set forth by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), by using a 128-bit SSL encryption. This prevents the files from being read or tampered by intruders or attackers. We use strong encryption on the data files stored on our server. Besides, all the files are backed up regularly. In any case, our personnel sign the confidentiality agreement with the company before we hire their services. Turnaround Time (TAT) for Normal and Stat Reports: The turnaround time for our normal (basic) service is 24 hours; We also offer services for Stat reporting; the rates of which are a little more compared to our normal service. (Please contact us for more information) Commitment and Claim: We strongly believe in long-term relationships, as such, we strive to deliver quality work on schedule; we thereby claim to maintain the standards consistently throughout our business tenure.
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