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Atraumatic Instruments Supplier
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Atraumatic Instruments Supplier
Inayat Hussain

Kourpur P.O Gohadpur
Sialkot PA 51310

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Alt. Phone: +92-52-4292058

Atraumatic Instruments Supplier

We, M/s. ATRAUMATIC INSTRUMENTS SUPPLIER Sialkot  Pakistan, are the world-renowned manufacturers and exporters of the top-quality Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments , T.C Instruments and Beauty care instruments. We have been exporting our instruments all over the world to amount to hundreds and thousands of instruments each year. In a very short amount of time, our company has grown immensely to offer a diverse product range as well as acquire international certifications proving to our customers that our word and our products, both are of the highest quality.

Our dual specialty of providing health and beauty care industries allows us to benefit from the best of both worlds. We understand the diverse needs of our customers and know that quality along with delivery times are the most important and common requirements of our customers from both the segments. This realization allows us to serve our customers in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


We are the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments,T.c Instruments and Beauty care industries. Our product depth covers thousands of instruments ranging from the typical instruments used in the clinic to sophisticated instruments required during surgeries.

Our three main product lines have great depth to them which can be easily seen through our online/cd catalog.

Surgical Instruments: Anesthesia Instruments, Asepsis, Bladder and Urology Instruments, Bone Instruments, Broncho Esophagoscopy Instruments, Cardiovascular Instruments, DeBakey Instruments, Dermatology Instruments, Diagnostic Instruments, General Surgical Instruments, Goitre Instruments, Gynecology Instruments, Jannetta Microsurgical Instruments, Kidney, Liver and Gall Stone Instruments, Laryngo Broncho Esophagoscopy Instruments, Micro Instruments, Neuro and Laminectomy Instruments, Obstetrics Instruments, Ophthalomogy Instruments, Oral Instruments, Otology Instruments, Pituitary Instruments, Plaster Instruments, Puncture Instruments, Rhinology Instruments, Rhoton Microsurgical Instruments, Sterilizing Instruments, Stomach, Intestine and Rectum Instruments, Suture Instruments, Tonsil Instruments, Tracheotomy Instruments.

Dental Instruments: Articulators, Catridge Syringes, Crown Instruments, General Instruments-1, Impression Trays, Matrix Retainers, Measuring Instruments, Mouth Gags, Nippers/Cutters, T.C Instruments, Orthodontic Pliers, Root Elevators, Rubber Dam Instruments, Scalers / Excavators / Spatulas, Soldering Tweezers, Sterilizing Forceps, Tooth Extracting Forceps.

Beauty Instruments: Acrylic Nail Cutters, Corn Cutters, Cuticle and Nail Scissors, Cuticle Nail Cutters, Cuticle Nail Nippers & Cutters, Eye lash, Foot Care Files, Hair Dressing Machine, Nail & Cuticle Pushers, Nail Buffers, Nail Files & Pushers, Plastic Comb, Plastic Handle Barber Scissors, Plastic Handle Scissors, Plastic Handle Thinning Scissors, Professional Hair Cutting Scissors, Professional Kits, Professional Trimming and Thinning Scissos, Shaving Razors & Razor Belt, Taylor Scissors, Tweezers.

We deem, however, pertinent to submit further that the range and scope of our production activities is not limited only to our product literature. We can produce instruments even if not depicted in our catalogues provided we receive samples or photos or references from the world-renowned company's catalogues .

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the contact information given below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Chief Executive   Inayat Hussain

P.O. GohadPur,
Nawan Pind Road, Kourpur,
Sialkot, Pakistan.

Tel : - 0092-52-4292058
Cell: - 0092-343-6336549
Fax: - 0092-52-4564160
Email: -

Sialkot PA Medical Transcription Service

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