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IntelliPower eServices
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IntelliPower eServices
Vikram Nathawat

Gurgaon Haryana 122001
+1 - 484 - 726 -3169

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IntelliPower eServices is an independent outsourcing service provider headquartered in Gurgaon. Our management team is fully experienced in various forms of outsourcing projects, enabling our customers to maximize the benefits, while ensuring the pitfalls are avoided. Our project managers are ideally placed to co-ordinate and manage offshore outsourcing projects for customers.

We ensure the projects are professionally managed by a local team, reducing the number and cost of onshore resources the customer requires to support their projects.

What We Expertise In

  •   Lead Generation
  •   Lead Qualification
  •   Appointment Setting
  •   Customer Retention
  •   Prospect Database Cleaning
  •   Mail and email campaigns
  •   Data Processing
  •   Data Entry
  •   Data Capture
  •   Text and numeric data entry
  •   Medical Transcription
  •   Customer Care

IntelliPower eServices manages and operates business processes for companies all around the world. We have a proven track record of creating value for our clients using our expertise in industries such as insurance, financial, enterprise and knowledge services and many more. Our experienced leadership team is complemented by professionals working to maximize the benefits of outsourcing initiative.We are passionate about our mission and our role of the Appreciated company with a proven track record of serving our customers, associates, business partners and communities.

IntelliPower eServices is a Business Process Outsourcing service provider, providing a complete spectrum of Presales and back office services in the IT, ITes, Banking and Financial Services sector and many more. We helps our clients in managing their business processes by making strategic investments in people and technologies to derive maximum business value.

IntelliPower eServices has a wide platform to perform .

Lead Generation & Qualification

Successful sales managers understand the importance of lead generation to the overall success of their sales team. In order to exceed revenue targets every quarter, the top of their pipelines need to be consistently filled with qualified opportunities which can be driven through the sales cycle and ultimately closed.

IntelliPower eServices helps our clients to spend more time meeting with qualified prospects who have expressed interest in their software and services. We work with our customers to implement tailored lead generation solutions that will produce immediate, measurable pipeline growth and will lead to increased revenue.

Our customers typically begin our Lead Generation program with a pilot program. In this phase, IntelliPower works together with the customer to develop a campaign to validate the effectiveness of the program. Following a successful pilot phase, a program is created that is suited to the customer's sales and marketing needs .IntelliPower typically able to start a pilot program within 1 week and can scale from 10 to 100 meetings per week.

Our team can deliver high quality leads for you and do it less expensively than you can do it yourself.


  • Increased pipeline and revenue growth
  • Reduced cost of sale
  • Immediate increase in legitimate pipeline opportunities
  • Salespeople have time to focus on driving deals through the sales cycle
  • Pricing is based on 'pay-for-performance"
  • Seamless representation of your company's solutions and services

Prospect Database Cleaning

A cleaned & segmented customer database can be the most important marketing tool in your organization. Misspelled and outdated contact information can slowly leak costs out of your sales and marketing budget on every occasion that time is wasted searching for the correct phone number, mailing address and e-mail address.

IntelliPower eServices offers a fully managed service that includes cleaning your existing database or building a new database from external sources or our excusive database of director and c-level decision makers. The new-and-improved database can then be exported into any major file format (e.g. Excel, txt, CSV, etc). Our skilled data processing team are highly experienced in handling ACT, Goldmine, Siebel, and other contact management databases and our results are always of the very highest standard.

Once cleaned, IntelliPower eServices uses technology to validate your records against millions of confirmed addresses across India. Validation confirms that an address exists, the correct city and zip, web site, phone, area and state. Additional data fields can be captured by IntelliPower professionals including: size of company, # of employees, executive contacts by title, type of software owned, etc.


  • Reduced administration costs, mailing costs & returns
  • Improved, single view of customers
  • Improved company image through spelling corrections
  • Reduced customer duplication
  • Enables better targeted marketing and sales campaigns

eLearning and eTutoring services

Welcome to our eLearning and eTutoring services, a resource dedicated to providing our clients with high quality tutoring over the web ,We are an outsourced service provider to Content, eLearning, Education and Tutoring organizations worldwide.

Our services include:

·Content creation (for both online and offline media)

·eTutoring support (off-line and on-line, chat-boards, problem solving, tutoring and mentoring)

·eLearning development (media development like Flash animations, HTML programming)

We have a comprehensive e-tutoring service designed for students, parents, teachers, businesses and adult learners, providing empowering tools and quality educational content, to create a customized learning community. Our business model is to provide back-end, scalable, high quality and low cost services to front end eTutoring services/ organizations. We provide high quality resources and teachers who can work on your e-tutoring platforms.


We have a full-time staff of certified teachers in each subject area and provides assistance 24 hours, seven days a week via online instant help (Internet chat,etc) or offline. We have worked on projects in the following areas:

  • ·School Education in the areas of Math, Science and English for Primary, Middle and Higher School grades
  • ·IT training/ education
  • ·Computer Literacy
  • ·Adult Education

We have invested in the best of the infrastructure, internet access and fail safe arrangements to enable us to provide reliable and quality services to our partners and clients.

Some of our deliverables are in:

  • Writing in all subjects
  •  Math (All grades)
  •  Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy and Physiology


IntelliPower eServices provides customer care, technical support and back office services to banking, insurance, financial services, travel, technology, telecom, retail and many more. Our services include customer care, technical support, collections, lead generation, transaction processing and other value additions. IntelliPower ensures exceptional client experience through world-class talent, strong management focus and a strong financial platform.
 IntelliPower eServices provides data capture and entry services from a variety of document sources in either paper, image or audio format. Sources of data may range from websites, e-books, surveys, questionnaires, forms, company reports, accounting reports, technical manuals and other sources. We can deliver your data requirements in either database format such as CSV and Excel format; text format such as MS Word and .TXT Format; Acrobat PDF format; and HTML format. We can deliver the final data output via Email, FTP upload, or CD format.


Our service offers a number of significant factors that make us an excellent choice as your next medical transcription provider. Quality, price within your budget, and deliverability have made us popular transcription services in the US for discerning medical professionals. We believe accuracy and attention to every detail are the most important factors in determining to whom you will entrust your medical transcription work. Variation in speech patterns, various English accents and dialects, as well as continuous development in the lexicon of medicine and technology require the specialized expertise we have to assure transcription accuracy.

Our Specializations:

We will provide with an outstanding network of qualified Medical Transcriptionists, whose combined extensive experience of over 05 years, insures quality professional service. We pride ourselves in the longevity we have established with many of our clients. Specialties include Hematology/ Oncology, Orthopedics (chiropractic, physical therapy), Neurology, Internal Medicine, Radiology, OB/GYN, and Legal/Medical, QMES, AMES, IMES, chart notes and acute care hospital reports. To insure customer satisfaction, continuing medical education and the AAMT Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement are strictly enforced.

Gurgaon Medical Transcription Company

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