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Enventure Technologies
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Enventure Technologies
Alexander George

#4, Crescent Road, high grounds
(603) 766-4960

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Established in 1997, Enventure Technologies has evolved into a reliable and important partner to clients worldwide. Today Enventure employs more than 200 highly skilled developers and engineers in three state-of -the-art development centers in India. Over the last 5 years the company has grown more than 20 times with a CAGR of 370%.

Enventure today operates on a flexible work environment with dedicated teams working on projects round the clock based on client needs and merits a very impressive record of turn around time for projects. With inherent capabilities to lower development costs, decrease time-to-market, and augment existing staff, Enventure has been the preferred choice of more than 150 companies worldwide that decided to go offshore.

Essence of Enventure:

Enventure was founded with the vision of creating a design and development group, with expertise in Electronic Design, Component Engineering and Software Development, aimed at positioning itself as a "Complete Engineering Solutions Company"

The teams at Enventure work with the objective of helping the electronics industry achieve:

  • A drastic reduction in the design cycle time
  • Shorter "time to market"
  • Reduced operating costs

Competitive Advantage: "The Enventure Promise"

As an offshore service bureau with development centers in Bangalore, India and incorporated in the United States, Enventure has a long history of providing quality services to clients around the globe. In fact, the quality assurance frameworks of Enventure is more likely to deliver 20% better on-time and on-budget results than global averages, with an even equally low percentage of post-release errors. The company accomplishes this through continuous improvement of processes, and by being flexible enough to accommodate any of client's evolving needs.

Enventure Technologies is an offshore technology services firm incorporated in the United States with development facilities in Bangalore, India. Founded in 1997, Enventure operates in four distinct verticals of PCB Design, Electronic Component Engineering, Software Development, and Business Support Services. The company has deep domain expertise in all these verticals and has been working with large, respected firms across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The Enventure Advantage enables global clients to lower costs significantly, without compromising on quality. Enventure’s quality assurance framework is more likely to deliver 20% better on-time and on-budget results than accepted global averages.

Enventure Technologies provides a total solution to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design and Layout. The Design Group at Enventure is comprised of highly experienced designers for Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal, and RF boards. Supported by a highly efficient project management mechanism, its skilled team has been the key to Enventure's success in this space. Enventure's value-added services have helped clients achieve, quick turnaround time higher levels of efficiency, and become more cost-effective.

Several leading OEMs, Contract Manufacturers and Design bureaus in North America & Europe have derived these benefits from utilizing Enventure's services. Enventure's industry experience includes-but is not limited to-Aerospace, Communications (Telecom/Datacom), Automotive, Computers and Peripherals, Consumer applications, Medical, Wireless and Industrial including Test and Measurement.

Enventure's design team works multiple shifts, based on customer needs. The time zone difference between the US & India allows for the ability to have someone working on customer's projects 16 to 24 hours each day. Designers at Enventure work on several high-end designs using tools like Cadence® Allegro, OrCAD®, P-CAD®, Mentor PADS® and other leading EDA tool vendors.

Benefits of Time Zone difference:

A collaborative design model that Enventure offers can leverage the time-zone difference between USA, Europe and India and practically enable the client to have a team working on projects 16-24 hours every day.

Enventure can provide custom models for clients in terms of night shifts in India, proper communication channels etc. Since there is about 12 hours of time difference between India and USA, it entails that a job submitted in the evening at 7 p.m PST, reaches India at 7 a.m and is completed by 7 a.m PST the next morning. This means that the client can save an entire business day.

Company History

May'97: The company is incorporated in Bangalore, India
Nov'97: The Component Engineering and Electronic Design group is set up
Jun'98: Enventure's Software division is formed
Jun'99: Enventure starts Business Support Services
Nov'99: Enventure Adds PSpice® capabilities to its repertoire
Dec'00: Enventure Technologies enters European market
May'03: Enventure opens an office in Portsmouth,NH (USA)
Oct'03: Enventure launches Environmental Compliance Services

Portsmouth, NH, High Grounds, Bangalore Medical Transcription company

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