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Advanced Data Systems Corporation
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Advanced Data Systems Corporation
Anthony Costa

The ADS Building 15 Prospect Street
Paramus NJ 07652

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Advanced Data Systems Corporation

Electronic Medical Records Software (EMR) ADS' Medics family of medical office automation tools provide the power and flexibility needed to speed up encounters and ease medical billing, patient scheduling and all practice management tasks. For access to any financial and patient data, the Medics family provides quick, ready-to-use, and fully-customizable reporting capabilities. The friendly and familiar Windows™ environment reduces the learning curve for new users. Both new and experienced users can quickly access every feature. The powerful MedicsDocAssistant Electronic Medical Records Software (EMR) package - EMR systems have proven to be a far better approach to documentation than conventional, paper-based systems. MedicsDocAssistant is excellent for many specialties, as are listed within this site. Our EMR software packages, or EHR systems, offer a far better approach to health record documentation than conventional, paper-based systems. Reduced need for paper means reduced documentation expenses. Transcription alone, only one of the features of MedicsDocAssistant, goes a long way in the battle to reduce and even eliminate paper. Electronic Health Records (EHR) The primary advantage of Electronic Medical Record software implementation is increased efficiency. Using an EMR system saves time and effort and the patient's medical information is always readily available. Furthermore, implementation of electronic health records system saves office space that is usually required to store the paper-based, non-electronic medical records. Besides saving space and increasing efficiency, our electronic medical records software delivers dramatically improved documentation capabilities to your practice. All of the above-mentioned benefits result in an immediate improvement in the quality of care your practice management delivers. Complete and immediate access to patients' electronic medical records enables medical professionals to provide better, faster, more personalized care, raising the level of both medical care and personal attention. Additional bonus funds as available through the Stimulus Act make obtaining the MedicsDocAssistant EHR even more compelling. Medical Management Software ADS' Medics family of medical management software is specially designed to allow effortless multi-tasking usage so that multiple patients' data can be open at the same time. New task requests can be handled by this medical manager software seamlessly as they come up even while working in other functions. Our software delivers the complete functionality your office needs in one integrated package, including appointment scheduling, medical billing software, reporting, managed care control, financial ledger, letter writing and printing, and much more, including additional medical manager software solutions. You are not always in your office, and neither are your patients. That's why the Medics family of software goes beyond the office with cutting-edge medical manager software features such as anytime, anywhere access from iPhone™ and Droid™ handhelds. Our software is the most customizable medical management software solution on the market, so you can rest assured that this system will work with your practice the way you want it to. Medical Office Software ADS' Medics family of medical practice management solutions have been designed with the busy healthcare office in mind. For decades, ADS has been dedicated to superior customer satisfaction, through the combination of best-of-breed products and absolute customer focus.

Paramus NJ Medical Transcription Service

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