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eLearn Medical Transcription

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About eLearnMT

Welcome to eLearn The only free online site to provide you with indepth knowledge about medical transcription and free training material.

Medical transcription training is very important to the healthcare industry for many reasons. It serves to chart the patient’s problems and medical procedures through their lives, and it is one of the many sources to provide statistics to analyze the health of the nation. It is the medical transcriptionist's responsibility to make sure that reports from healthcare professionals get converted accurately into soft data for future references. As transcriptionist is the key person who compiles patient’s health data through their lives, there will always be a need for a medical transcriptionist.

So what are the skills needed to become a good transcriptionist?

A good transcriptionist is thoroughly proficient with medical terminology, has a command over English grammar, and is extremely efficient on the keyboard. Transcriptionist should be able to work independently, know how to look out for unfamiliar medical terms and slangs, and be a research oriented conscientious worker with a vision to perceive the smallest of detail.

At, it has been our constant endeavor to provide free education and source of information to all those who wish to take medical transcription as their future career. In pursuit of our aim, we are pleased to announce the launch of eLearn, a free online transcription program to boost knowledge and training of young beginners of medical transcription.

The eLearn medical-transcription1 program is currently in the development stages, and we are working hard in designing the curriculum and structure for the online course. We wish to provide all the necessary information, articles and exercises on English usage, grammar, and medical terminology as well as make available loads of dictations for practice.

Starting with this we have divided the free transcription program into several skill categories, each important in leading the path to become a good transcriptionist. As we are still in the process of structuring all course material, we will keep on adding articles and voice files as and when they get ready. Therefore, it is requested that you keep updating yourself with the free online material as and when they become available.

We will keep everyone posted with the developments and changes that occur, as we proceed in our thirst of making a very famous portal for all transcription needs.

We welcome all sorts of suggestions and information to make this program a success and your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Remember is a site for transcriptionists and is maintained by the inputs and views of transcriptionists.

So best of luck to all future transcriptionists. Click on the links below to go to respective sections.


Equipment required for the online course

  • Windows 98, millennium, 2000, or newer Windows XP.
  • Internet Explorer 5.X or newer 6.X plus.
  • Audio player – Media player, Real player or Olympus player.
  • Foot Pedal if comfortable working with them but not necessary. Keyboard function keys can also be used to perform player functions.
  • Good head phone.

Online Medical Transcription Course Sample audio files

Main Page  Skills Required  Medical Lectures  English Usage

  Grammar Guidelines  Diagnostic Tests  Sample Reports  Transcription resources & indexes

  Download Line Count Software

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