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MT Advantage Career Center
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MT Advantage Career Center
MT Advantage

1307 Jamestown Rd., Ste 101
Williamsburg VA 23185
(757) 565-2100

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Alt. Phone: (757) 291-6400

What is the Medical Transcription Advantage Career Center Program like?

First of all, it's interactive, not just on-line! Not only is the MT Advantage program an on-line program, it is interactive-which makes learning fun. Students say they progress through the modules without even realizing it because they're so immersed in the subject matter due to the way it is presented. Yet, at the same time, the material is so in-depth! We've had students that have transferred from other schools who say that there is just no comparison to the quality of education they receive with MT Advantage.

Solid Curriculum. MT Advantage ( is an educational member and a proud sponsor of the AAMT (American Association of Medical Transcription.) The MT Advantage not only meets, but exceeds, the model curriculum recommended by the AAMT. In fact, we even have an M.D. on our staff who does nothing but answers students' medical questions.  This ensures you get the quality education you pay for - and then some!  

Student forum for fun and learning.
You'll be part of our student forum, where you may participate in discussions about medical subjects, working conditions, job openings, hobbies, earnings, line counts, and much, much more. Participate in our Tuesday Trivia contests and our optional FREE online classes.

Learn gradually, in stages. Our program outline is a bit different than most other courses. Based on our experience, students learn much faster and retain more information when introduced to the specialty matter in stages rather than all at once. For this reason, the MT Advantage course works in gradual stages, introducing you to transcription by requiring you to type specialty words or clips, one at a time, by listening to small sound files throughout the online course. Instant feedback from the program confirms you've spelled each word correctly. But that's just the beginning. After you've transcribed over 2000 sentence clips and paragraph snippets, THEN you start transcribing the SUM reports on CD. The entire second half of the program is one-on-one feedback from your instructor.  The result is a well-rounded solid education that makes you VERY employable.

Comprehensive modules for all specialties. You'll learn about anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and disease processes. Unlike other programs, the comprehensive MT Advantage ( program includes laboratory and pharmacology terms. You'll also learn keyboarding, computers, macros, FTP, punctuation and grammar, legal issues, confidentiality laws, shortcuts to increasing your speed and productivity, how to start your own MT service, and so much more!

Experienced instructors and mentors who care. Our caring and committed staff sets MT Advantage apart from other courses, making us one of the best in the nation. Many transcription programs assign you one instructor throughout the entire course. MT Advantage is different. We realize students need the expertise of multiple instructors and advisers. That's why you have access to all instructors and staff members. The end result is a more rounded education which helps you achieve your goal of successful employment!

How Our On-Line Program Works: When you go online to access each lesson for each module, this is where your in-depth training and interactive learning begins. You'll find our online modules are interesting, interactive, and exciting. Each module introduces you to terms and concepts and then helps reinforce terminology for that particular specialty, including anatomy, disease processes, laboratory tests, pharmacology, and more. Our program also includes a workbook and other material that coordinates with our online program for even better understanding of the material.

Our graphic pictures, self-tests, and final exams help reinforce your learning. You can test yourself as many times as you like with our ungraded, private self-tests that only YOU see. Inside each module you'll begin typing sentence clips that contain terminology from that specialty so you can begin training your ear to recognize the medical terms. Also, while inside each module, you gain style, formatting, and grammar tips. We also provide in-depth grammar, style, and formatting modules as well as Computer, Internet, and Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Microsoft Word classes. That's why this isn't just a three month program like a lot of the others programs out there.

Other Ways Learning Is Reinforced:  In addition to the coursework at MT Advantage, we want each student to have a full learning experience. Because we want you to go beyond the basics, we provide on-line chats with guest speakers, a "Thursday Trivia" contest (MT games) each week, and on-line forums where you can interact with fellow students and MT Advantage staff. We don't want any student to feel they never hear from us after enrolling in the program. In fact, this is the number one concern we hear from graduates of other programs. Students enroll, but then they're never sure how to get assistance QUICKLY when they need it. With MT Advantage, assistance is just a phone call or an e-mail away.

Materials Included In Our Expert Program:  This program contains everything we have to offer here at MT Advantage. ( This is an in-depth, advanced MT training course, featuring an optional comprehensive Work Simulation experience that is absolutely invaluable to your learning experience.

We also offer the Advanced SUM CD reports and the Intermediate SUM Surgery CD reports which together are more than $1,000 worth of instruction! The MT Advantage staff highly recommends this advanced training for students who are serious about launching a professional career as a medical transcriptionist or for those wishing to build a medical transcription service of their own.


Be sure to visit our website at for more information including more articles on medical transcription including How To Choose the Best MT School.   Also be sure to request your FREE 100-page e-book on Medical Transcription packed full of valuable information you MUST know to make the right decision!  It's all FREE!

P.S.  We occasionally run specials throughout the year.  Please call us to see what specials we currently have that are not listed on the website.  We hope to hear from you soon!

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