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Job Opportunities for Medical Transcription By Lisa Croydon Job opportunities for MTs are expected to grow faster than average for the next several years. Health care facilities continue to expand, and employment opportunities should expand with them. Settings for work in this field are varied. Medical transcription job opportunities include working in hospitals or physician's offices. Government medical facilities provide another option for job seekers.

Individuals looking for work in this field can also look in diagnostic laboratories, business support services, and transcription service offices. MT job opportunities can be found anywhere there is medical need.Medical transcription employment is not restricted to offices. Many transcriptionists work from home. Some work as contracted freelancers and have varied hours. Others work as employees of hospitals or clinics who allow their transcriptionists to telecommute. The internet can be used to receive and send transcription, making it possible to work from any location.An aging population requires more health care.

More health care services coupled with the need for electronic documentation insures continued medical transcription job opportunities.Pay for medical transcription jobs ranges from approximately $10.00 an hour to about $20.00 per hour. Pay can be based on an hourly rate or a production rate. Some medical transcription jobs are paid an hourly rate with bonuses for high production.

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