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Reeves Precise Office Solutions
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Reeves Precise Office Solutions
Sheila Reeves

5243 Riverside Drive #301
Macon GA 31210
(478) 972-2316

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Reeves Precise Office Solutions

Reeves Precise Office Solutions provides quality, affordable transcription services to you with your deadline in mind!

We have standard and rush service, both of which are priced very affordably.

We offer quotes on our rates because we want you to make the best and most well-informed decision possible and know upfront the basic rate you will pay. It's one of our key ways to show that we value each relationship with every client!

Let us help you with:

  • Standard transcription services
  • Rush transcription services
  • Overflow transcription assistance
  • General typing services

Or let us know if you need any special services.

Contact Us Today!


We transcribe:



Oral histories       




Focus groups        

Training sessions

Conference calls   


Radio shows

Panel discussions 

Medical correspondence

Independent medical evaluations

Chart notes

Histories and physicals

SOAPs, and more

We can also perform other word processing jobs customized to your needs.  Just contact us to let us know and for a rate.

Creation and Submission

Word Processors

Your final transcript will be created as a Microsoft Word document and sent to you securely by your deadline.

Digital File Submission

Digital audio files may be submitted via email or uploaded to our website and will be transcribed in a format according to your needs.

Audio Types

Type 1 Audio:

Single person interview or standard one on one interview recorded in digital format.

Type 2 Audio:

Any interviews with a total of 3 people.

Any audio with significant noise in the background.

Any audio that has voices that are difficult to understand (i.e. Poor recording, soft voices, etc.)

Time stamps inserted (every minute of audio).

Light to moderate accents.

Verbatim:  All ums, ahs, stutters, transcribed.

Type 3 Audio:

Any audio with 4 or more speakers.

Presentations dealing with highly scientific terminology or very thick accents.

Panel discussions, focus groups, conference calls, seminars with multiple participants.

Transcription Formats

We transcribe your audio according to the format protocol you set. Please see below three types of transcription formats that clients often use:

Verbatim:  Every utterance is captured and recorded. That includes all uhm's, ah's, false starts and stutters, repetitions, distracting speech patterns, ("you know", "like") and remarks such as "right", "yeah" by an interviewer.  This can also include pauses, laughter, crying, interruptions, personal comments, external noises, etc.  In short, everything we hear!

Smooth verbatim:  We do not transcribe certain utterances according to your specific instructions.  Most clients ask to eliminate the uhm's, ah's, stutters and verbal tics but want to see everything else such as slang (gonna, wanna) and emotions.  It is entirely up to you, how much or little we omit. Your specific protocol is strictly adhered to.

Content:  This is an expansion of the smooth verbatim style.   We edit as we transcribe. We correct grammar, eliminate interrupting comments from the interviewer, correct slang, omit personal comments.  Content is mostly used when the "gist" of the recording is desired.

Whatever your requirements are, we ensure that every transcript meets your specifications!

Macon GA Medical Transcription Service

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